More about Coach Tegan

As a child i grew up in a house of abuse and surrounded by poverty and negative beliefs. I made a commitment to myself at a young age that this beginning was not going to create my life.

This commitment has taken me on a life journey of education, understanding, compassion and forgiveness. Ironically my beginning has created who i am today-my passion, my tenacity and my courage and for this i am grateful.

Five years ago i discovered Fearless Living. Through the Fearless Living Institute (FLI) and Rhonda Britten’s unique tools and principles i made changes in my life i had only dreamed of. I had been living a life filled with fears and insecurities and yet seemingly successfully to the outside world.

Having experienced the difference that the Fearless Living principles made in my own life i then set about studying for two years to become a Certified Fearless Living Coach in order to support others to live a better life.

As a coach i am committed to continually finding ways to support people (especially women) to believe in themselves, discover their own unique beauty and have the life and body that they love and deserve! So many people under value their own self worth and this effects the quality of their lives, relationships, careers and health.

I now use the Fearless Living tools and principles primarily in my coaching sessions, groups and classes. Together with other techniques that i have discovered through my travels and personal experiences in this thing called “life”.

I firmly believe that if you want to make a difference in your life, and you are willing to do whatever it takes, then you CAN!! You CAN do it and you ARE worth it!

My coaching method is step by step and with lots of encouragement along the way. I am compassionate and yet firm. Understanding and yet i will hold you accountable.

It wont be easy but the self discovery journey is hugely rewarding when you see your life change and unfold.

As your coach, all i ask of you is to show up on time and be willing to stick with it because the only person that can change your life is YOU!

I will stand beside you and support you to get there but ultimately you are the one that will do it!…And that is the best reward! 🙂

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