Live a Better Life

Do you want:

  • More courage?
  • More confidence?
  • More self esteem?
  • More success in business?
  • More love in your relationships?

What’s stopping you?

Your Wheel of Fear! This is the silent voice that says “you can’t do that!” It keeps you safe, creates self doubt and stops you from taking the risks that are necessary for you to grow and live your life on purpose. Your Wheel of Fear is what creates your excuses, your “reasons” for not being all that you were born to be. It lowers your self esteem and effects your self confidence.

Your wheel of fear will always be there to protect you and with the support of your coach Tegan you can learn how to master it. Tegan is Australia’s only certified fearless living life coach and she will guide you, using the fearless living tools and her own life experience to build your confidence, improve your self esteem and find the courage to live a life filled with passion, purpose, connection, success, love and happiness. A life of freedom!

  “Fear is the gate keeper of your comfort zone” -Rhonda Britten

Get a life coach
Gain the one on one attention you deserve and have major changes in your life by hiring Australia’s Fearless Living Coach Tegan Mathews and discover your true wheel of fear and freedom.

Join a Focus Group
Share the experiences and support that comes from being part of a group of people sharing the same passion and commitment to overcome their fears as you are.

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