Fun Fearless Females

Candice from Melbourne says:
“There were times when I wanted to stop and there were tears as old hurts were brought up and expectations confronted, but through it all Tegan was professional, friendly, compassionate and kind. She has taught me how to realise when my ‘wheel of fear’ is spinning out of control and how to deal with it. I feel more empowered and confident in myself then ever before. I see my life very differently now – Tegan has given me tools to do that, I am able to be grateful for friends and family, I acknowledge myself and have more confidence in my decisions and how I live my life.”
 Inspiration from some Fun Fearless Females
Natalie Bassingthwaite says: “To me, being fearless is about letting go – which isn’t easy when you’re a control freak! Being fearless means taking chances and never giving up. It’s about knowing it’s ok to fail. It’s better to try and fail, than to never try at all. It’s realising that whatever happens, you CAN pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep on going. It’s not always easy to believe in yourself but, when you do, you can achieve amazing things for yourself and the world around you. Life is meant to be fun-and it can be if you take the good with the bad and keep on rolling!”
Layne Beachley says: “What makes me fun and fearless? According to Kirk, my sense of humour, quick wit, cheekiness and my outgoing personality makes me fun, while my fearlessness comes from my love of challenges and ability to confront my fears and overcome adversity. After successfully riding a 50foot wave, some people would consider me to be fearless…or stupid.” -Layne has set up a foundation to inspire women across Australia to “Dare to dream, pursue their passion and aspire to achieve”.
Kathryn Eisman says: “the thing about fun, fearless moments is they often feel more fearful than fun at the time. When i was 21, iheaded to New York with a dream of being a TV reporter. I didnt know a soul when i arrived. I even borrowed the taxi driver’s mobile so i could find a cheap hotel. But within weeks i’d booked my first TV appearance on Good Morning America, promoting my book How to tell a man by his shoes. I had to perform live ‘shoe readings’ in front of an audience of 18 million. Standing on set, all i could hear was the thud-thud of my heart beating in pure terror. Suddenly i was on live TV across the US. And that’s exactly how i felt – alive!” Kathryn is a butterfly ambassador for
Leigh Mathews says: “Making the decision to set up Future Cambodia Fund when i was only 23 has required me to overcome my fears and conquer mountains. In March, i completed an 850km bike ride, from southern Laos all the way to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, to raise money for the fund. Cycling up the side of a moutain in Laos when i’d already ridden 80km that morning, and trying to find the strength to keep going in the 40 degree heat was so hard. But it was challenging and exhilarating – and hugely satisfying at the end.” Leigh was awarded Victoria’s Young Australian of the year 2009 for her contribution to the community as the founder of
Natalie Jardim says: “Being fun and fearless is at the core of what i do – and for me, it’s simpy the way i live my life. I see property investment as a game as it incorporates calculated moves as well as problem solving. The more the problems to solve, the greater the rewards. To inspire other people to be fun and fearless, i’ve been interviewing entrepreneurs and investors about their best ideas and strategies. All theier ideas are on Hopefully, all these people will inspire others to achieve their goals, create a great business and have some fun along the way.”
Talita Schramm says: “When i first opened Esther boutique at 19, I was young and really took a leap of faith. I knew there was a need in the market, but i didn’t know how people would respond. I was criticised for being too young, but i took out a loan and had the store up and running in four weeks. Yes, it was daunting, but worth every late night and missed party to realise my dream. To me, success isn’t about creating wealth – it’s about turning every dream and idea into reality, and having people enjoy the fruits of that dream.”

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