Fearless Life

Live a Fearless LifeLiving a Fearless Life isn’t necessarily about having the courage to jump out of a plane although at times it may feel the same. It is about having more confidencein your decisions, knowing you have choices and believing that you are worth it. It is about knowing how to congratulate yourself in a non egotistical way that empowers you and builds your self esteem. It is about tapping into the courage within yourself to live with integrity, stand for your values and follow your dreams.Let your light shine

Living Fearlessly is all about letting your own unique light shine. It is about living your life to the fullest, following your purpose and speaking your truth with love and kindness. By doing so, this also inspires those around you. In the words ofNelson Mandela “…And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

Finding the courage to change can be challenging and you dont have to do it alone! With Tegan as your coach she will provide a safe space, free of judgementwhere you can re-discover your true self, at your own pace. Step by step you will learn the skills and tools that will enable you to make lasting and powerful changes in your life and to better understand and support yourself and those around you.

“Live the life your soul intended”  Rhonda Britten 

Start the journey today. Take the next step. You’re worth it!

One on one coaching  a personal session each week or fortnight with Australia’s Fearless Living Coach-Tegan specifically focusing on your life/challenges/interests/passions and purpose.

Join a Fearless Focus Group  
a group of like minded individuals who support each other as they learn, discover and transform their lives via the Fearless Living principles.

Teleclass  these are group classes conducted over the phone from the comfort of your own home or office. The focus is on the learning and self discovery of the specific topic of the class.

Workshops – An intense learning experience face to face with Australia’s Fearless Living Coach-Tegan in a group setting with the purpose of deepening your understanding of yourself in that area of your life.

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