Fearless Life Teleclasses

What is a Better Life Teleclass?

A Better Life Teleclass is a class that is conducted over the phone that gives you the opportunity to learn in a group environment but from the comfort of your own home or office.

How does a Better Life Teleclass work?

Once you choose your preferred teleclass you will receive a set of step by step instructions that include the dial in number and code for that specific teleclass. We advise that you call a few minutes prior to the time of the call and that you call from a land line rather than a mobile to ensure the clearest communication.

What will i get out of a Better Life Teleclass?

A Better Life Teleclass will provide you with skills and tools specific to that teleclass topic. By being part of a group you will find that you often are witness to a different perspective that you may not have come up with yourself.

Introductory 6 weeks of transformational support through the Fearless Living Principles.
12 weeks of integrating the Fearless Living principles will change your life forever to a life of freedom.
Try it out! Have a single session with the group and see if it’s for you.

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