Fearless Life Coaching

This is an introduction to changing your life from Fear to Freedom. Due to the smaller amount of time, these sessions are jam packed full of Fearless Living skills and tools to support you to understand yourself on a whole new level. It is recommended, to make lasting change, that you complete a minimum of twelve weeks.
Make the commitment to a new you, a better you, the real you. During these twelve sessions you will discover how fear has kept a hold on you in the past and how to let it go and create a life of freedom. Free from excuses, expectations and negativity towards yourself and others.
Discover how to connect to the real you. Find out what your purpose is and how to find the courage to live your life to your full potential one session at a time.
Discover in three sessions what your Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom are, clarify fear responses & pro-active behaviours and learn how to recognise your triggers. Although you may have already gone through the process yourself with the book or in a group, unless you have had your Wheels done by a certified Fearless Living Coach then you can’t be certain that your Wheel of Fear hasn’t chosen them for you.

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