Fearless Body Image Teleclasses

What is a Better Body Teleclass?

A Better Body Teleclass is a class that is conducted over the phone that gives you the opportunity to learn in a group environment but from the comfort of your own home or office specifically designed to support you to learn to love you and your body more and achieve lasting results.

How does a Better Body Teleclass work?

Once you choose your preferred teleclass you will receive a set of step by step instructions that include the dial in number and code for that specific teleclass. If you have chosen the 12week Better Body Teleclass you will also receive your personal journal and exercise program worksheets.

What will i get out of a Better Body Teleclass?

A Better Body Teleclass will provide you with skills and tools to support you to have a healthier body image, improved self esteem and more confidence. Ultimately this program works however it is dependent upon how much you put into it. Plus, by being part of a group you have the added support of the other women.

12 weeks of intense integration of a health & fitness program together with coaching to overcome limiting beliefs surrounding your body and self image and ensure life changing results.
6 weeks of discovering and changing your limiting beliefs surrounding your body and self image.
Try it out! Have a single session with the group and see if it’s for you.

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