Fearless Body Image Focus Groups

What is a Better Body Focus Group?

A Better Body Focus Group is a group of like minded individuals who meet face to face each week. Together supporting each other to learn, discover and create a healthier self & body image for themselves and each other through the guidance of Australia’s Fearless Living Coach – Tegan.

How does a Better Body Focus Group work?

Each week your group progresses through the various principles relative to creating a positive body image and building your self esteem. There is a commitment of respect and confidentiality within the group to give everyone the opportunity to feel safe enough to stretch, grow and get the most out of each session.

What will i get out of a Better Body Focus Group?

A Better Body Focus Group will provide you with skills and tools to support you to have a healthier body image, improved self esteem and more confidence. How much you get out of the program is directly relative to the depth that you are willing to allow yourself go to. Plus, by being part of a group you have the added support of the other women within the group.

12 weeks of intense integration of a health & fitness program together with coaching to overcome limiting beliefs surrounding your body and self image and ensure life changing results.
A 6 week program to provide you with the skills and tools necessary to create a healthy body image, build your self esteem and learn to appreciate your body for all its beauty and ability.
Try it out! Have a single session with the group and see if it’s for you.

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