Become a Coach (PPA) Coaching

Find out how to become a Fearless Living Certified Life Coach and change the lives of others by supporting them to master their fears and live a life of freedom. With the skills and tools that you will learn through the Fearless Living Institute you will become not just a life coach but a guidance for others to find their true selves.
The honor of supporting another human being to discover their true self, overcome their fears and master freedom is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can ever imagine. As a PPA client you will be supported and guided to discover the skills, tools and principles of the Fearless Living Coaching Program personally in order to prepare you for entry into the coaching program. It is extremely important as a Fearless Living coach, that you are living your life fearlessly and your life will change through the twelve sessions of coaching as you experience first hand, what your future clients can achieve through the twelve principles of Fearless Living.

In order to gain a full understanding of how to coach a client through the twelve Fearless Living principles it is necessary i believe, although not compulsory, to complete twelve sessions yourself with a PPA coach. Therefore, this product is a part payment option for the twelve PPA sessions.


A single session option created only to be added to already completed sessions.

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