Is there something you have always wanted to do but have been too afraid to?

I have coached hundreds of women to achieve not only their career, business and relationship goals but also to achieve those special things that you secretly would love to do but havent had the courage to maybe even tell someone about…you know…those things on your bucket list!!

As your personal coach i can support you through any adventure that you would like to achieve. With me by your side you can master your fear and accomplish what you thought was impossible.

Below are some examples but if there is something that isnt on this list, just let me know and i am sure we can do it together.

There are no limits! Only those that you imagine…

What about travel?

I live to travel!!! I used to wait for someone to travel with and often there wasnt anyone and so i didnt go…now, i travel the world alone and meet the most amazing people and experience life to the full. If you would like to do the same, i would like to make it easier for you.

If you have always wanted to travel but dont have anyone to travel with…imagine having your own fearless coach all to yourself for a unique fearless adventure? You will find the courage to do adventures within the adventure and all for a reasonable price. I am not here to charge you for the luxury, i am here to share my passion and to support you to be all that you want to be and experience in this lifetime.

So, contact me and lets create your own unique fearless adventure today.

Skydiving – there are beautiful places all over the world and even in your local area that you can skydive. Let me hold your hand and coach you through the fear of jumping out of a plane…it is an experience that will change your life forever!
Diving – after drowning in a dive pool as a child i overcame my fear of water and now enjoy lots of different water sports. I can help you to do the same. It’s like being in another world when you are under the sea and if you are really couragous we can even dive with sharks! Choose your level and lets conquer it together.
Motorbike riding – have you secretly wanted to learn how to ride a bike? Well, i did it and i can show you how too. I will help you choose the right school in your area, the right gear for girls and guide you through the process. Plus i will go with you on your first ride and put you in touch with other female rider groups in your area to give you the ongoing support.
Car racing – ever wanted to be behind the wheel of a V8 supercar and race around a track at high speeds, taking corners like a professional? Me too! That’s why i did it and you can too. Watch your confidence grow as the speedo goes up…feel the adrenalin as you fly down the straight.
Kitesurfing – have you watched those kites dance in the sky and the board riders fly high above the waves and thought…i wish i could do that? Well you can! If i can do it, you can too! With the right instruction and guidance from a professional instructor and me by your side, the sky is the limit…literally!
Skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling – if you have always wanted to learn but didnt have anyone to go with or you just simply were too afraid to give it a go…let me show you the amazing feeling of gliding down a mountain top with the wind in your hair and a view to take your breath away…choose anywhere in the world and lets go there!

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