About Tegan and Love

Growing up in an abusive environment created the disempowering belief in me that i was worthless and unlovable. It was drummed into me constantly that i was stupid and would never amount to anything. That i was the problem and never the solution.

You dont have to have had a similar experience (and in fact i truly hope you haven’t!) to have formed the belief that you aren’t worth it, you are unlovable or that you aren’t good enough. Simply look at the disempowering magazines and media everywhere!

But this isnt living life on purpose and it wasn’t until i learnt to love who i am as a person that i was able to change my belief to “I am loveable”. This enabled me to let love into my life, to trust my intuition more, build my confidence and create happiness on a daily basis.

I am not talking about “ego” based loving self either. Anyone who seems set on proving to the world that they are worth loving is actually insecure and is coming from fear rather than their true self.

I have Louise Hay to thank for teaching me to love me…for me! And i suggest this as a great place to start if the thought of even liking yourself a litte seems impossible!

I have Fearless Living to thank for giving me the wisdom to understand and master the negative voice called my “wheel of fear” and i have Tony Robbins to thank for teaching me the skills to take action and change my state.

The skills, tools, principles and teachings i have learnt have enabled me to believe in me and i now want the same for you because this freedom is what living is all about!

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