About Coach Tegan

About Tegan

Hi and welcome to my website.

Here’s a little about me. As you make your way through my site you will discover more. Feel free to have a browse and if you have any questions, be in touch 🙂

My passion is to empower people to believe that they CAN change their life and make it whatever they want it to be and that they CAN learn to love themselves, regardless of their history. I believe this because i have done it myself in my own life.

Having been adopted into an abusive family i was brought up in an environment that constantly reinforced that i was worthless. It didn’t matter how good my grades were or how many chores i did, i was never good enough!

At 12 i was taken from their care and placed in the Foster Care system and at 14 i decided i could do a better job myself…and i did…eventually 🙂 What could have been a disaster, has turned into my blessing. I have gone from disliking myself so much that i attempted suicide regularly, to now loving who i am as a person, a woman and a business consultant. I am truly grateful for the life experiences i have had for they have made me who i am today.

I am very passionate about supporting people to recognise their worth, believe in themselves and to know that they are good enough! From this, you can create a life filled with purpose, happiness and fulfillment.

However, one of the most important lessons i have learnt through this journey is that you can’t do it alone. I used to hide my true self and was overly independent, to my detriment. I now know that it takes courage to ask for support and it takes strength to commit to creating a better life for yourself.

So, take a look through these pages and know that i am here to support you to be the best that you can be…Right now! I’ve done it and i know you can too!!

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