About Body Coach Tegan

After spending the majority of my life supporting people to change their bodies as an instructor, personal trainer and health consultant, I knew that I could do more.

Over the past ten years i have been on a journey of self awareness and discovery of how the human mind works and how it relates to your body specifically. I have completed numerous workshops and courses on the subject and I am committed to continually learning today.

Throughout my 17 years experience as a Fitness Trainer and Health Consultant i discovered that the difference between the women who got temporary results and those that made permanent changes to their bodies was their ability to change their self/body image.

Every day i witness women who don’t believe in the beauty and gifts that they have for the world. And each day i become more and more committed to supporting these women to find their truth, build their confidence and live a better life.

My passion for helping people to love and appreciate all that they are has been evident throughout my career. My own personal experience, together with the various modalities i have studied over the past ten years, have given me the skills and tools to enable me to break through barriers clients may have had in the past and create truly life changing results.

To make lasting change you must learn how to love you AND your body! This may sound impossible at this point but step by step you can get there and as a bonus you will also create personal empowerment, confidence and even increase your sensuality and relationships.

You are worth it and you can do it!! 🙂

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